Yellowbelly Flounder (Rhombosolea leporina)

Whole Yellowbelly Flounder


They have a dark olive green body above with yellow or white on the belly and dark spots.
The body is oval. Yellowbelly Flounder are plumper, have smaller eyes and larger,
dark-edged scales than Sand Flounder.

State: Whole Gutted

Packing: Fresh – Polystyrene insulated bin, with Gel Ice packs to maintain coldness in transit
Frozen – Fully plastic interleaved in 10kg nett carton

Grading: 350-500g (Medium)
500-700g (Large)
700g+ (X-Large)

Yellowbelly Flounder Fishery:
Yellowbelly Flounder are a shallow-water fish found at depths of up to 50 metres.
In New Zealand they are most abundant in harbours, estuaries, and muddy bays,
particularly in the north.
Yellowbelly Flounder are caught year-round in the Firth of Thames and in
Kaipara and Manukau harbours, most commonly in set nets.
New Zealand’s Flatfish (FLA) fishery is managed by strict quotas,
which allow only a set amount of Flatfish to be taken commercially each year,
of which Yellowbelly Flounder is a component species.

Market Names:
New Zealand: Yellowbelly Flounder, Flounder, Yellow Flounder
Australia: Yellowbelly Flounder
Canada, France: Plie a ventre jaune de Nouvelle-Zealande
Germany: Flunder
Greece: Chamatida
Italy: Passera pianuzza
Japan: Karei
Spain: Platija

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