Silver Warehou (Seriolella punctata)

Silver Warehou

Description: Blue-grey above and silvery-white below with a dark head that extends towards the dorsal fin. Silver Warehou have a dark blotch above the pectoral fin and blackish spots on the mid belly. They differ from other Warehou species with their slender shape and pitted skin.

Size: 40-60cm


Weight: 0.5 – 2kg, but can reach 5kg

Forms available: Whole, H&G, Fillets

Packing – Fresh: Polystyrene insulated bin, with Gel Ice packs to maintain coldness in transit

Packing – Frozen: Plastic interleaved, packed & blast frozen

 Grades: 500g – 1kg, 1kg-2kg, 2kg+

Season: All year but main season April – September

Fishery: Silver Warehou are members of the Centrolophidae family (butterfishes, medusafishes). They live off the shelf edge and the upper slope at 200 to 500 metres. The major concentrations are found off both coasts of the South Island (extending south to the Auckland Islands) and on the Chatham Rise. Silver Warehou populations are managed sustainably under New Zealand’s fisheries quota management system.

Meat Quality: Silver Warehou has a white, firm texture. Silver warehou has high fat content. Suited to all methods of cooking.



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