Sand Flounder (Rhombosolea plebeia)

Whole Flounder

They are greenish-brown or greyish above, sometimes with faint mottling and white below. The body is square or diamond-shaped, fringed by dorsal and anal fins.Sand Flounder have larger eyes than related species.

Size: 500-700g (Large), 700g+ (X-Large)

State: Whole GuttedPacking : Fresh – Polystyrene insulated bin, with Gel Ice packs to maintain coldness in transit

Packed: Frozen – Fully plastic interleaved in 10kg nett carton

Grading: 350-500g (Medium)

Sand Flounder Fishery: Sand Flounder are endemic to New Zealand and are the most abundant of the flounder species. They are widespread around inshore areas, especially at the mouths of large rivers or over sandy bottoms. They are more common in the South Island and are found from the shore out to depths of 50 metres, occasionally to 100 metres. Sand Flounder are caught all year in coastal areas off the Hauraki Gulf, Tasman Bay, Golden Bay, Bay of Plenty and Canterbury Blight by set net and occasionally trawl. New Zealand’s Flatfish (FLA) fishery is sustainably managed by strict quotas, which allow only a set amount of Flatfish to be taken commercially each year, of which Sand Flounder is a component species.

Packed Flounder

Top and bottom of whole flounder

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