Spiny Rock Lobster (Jasus edwardsii)


Rock Lobster

Species: New Zealand Rock Lobster

Spiny rock lobsterĀ or crayfish are found throughout New Zealand and Chatham Islands’ coastal waters. The commercial rock lobster fishery is New Zealand’s third biggest seafood export earner. Spiny rock lobsters are carnivorous and live in and around reefs in depths ranging from 5 to 275 metres. They are dark red and orange above with paler yellowish bellies.

Latin name: (Jasus edwardsii)

Size: 30cm-70cm

Weight: 350g-5kg

Form/ State: Whole Live , Heads , Tails

Packing: Live – packed in Polystyrene foam boxes – packed in wood wool with Gel Ice packs for temperature control, frozen – Packed in 10 or 20kg ctns, individually wrapped portions


Grade: Approx Pce/Box Net Weight Size Range Market Names
AA 25 12kg 350-500g New Zealand: Rock Lobster, Spiny Rock Lobster, Red Rock Lobster, Crayfish
A 22 12kg 500-600g Australia/USA: Southern Rock Lobster
B 17 12kg 600-800g The Netherlands: Langoesten
C 10 12kg 800g – 1kg France: Langouste
D 7 12kg 1kg – 1.5kg Germany: Languste
E- 5 12kg 1.5kg – 2kg Greece: Astakos
E+ 5 12kg 2kg – 2.5kg Italy: Aragosta
F 12kg 2.5kg + Japan: Ise-ebi
Spain: Langosta

Rock Lobster Fishery:

Rock lobster are caught commercially using baited pots. Once caught, most are held in temperature-controlled aquariums. Before being airfreighted “live” to export markets. New Zealand’s spiny rock lobster fishery is managed by strict quotas which allow only a set amount of spiny rock lobster to be taken commercially each year.


Rock Lobster Meat Quality:

Rock lobster flesh is firm with a sweet medium and rich taste, and retains its shape in most styles of cooking.


Rock Lobster live

Rock Lobster wholeRock Lobster packed

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