Red Gurnard (Chelidonichthys kumu)

Red Gurnard

Description: Red Gurnard belong to the Triglidae family.  Their body is Orange to red above and white below. The pectoral fins are big, bluish-green in colour with one large, dark spot and several small white or blue spots and a blue margin.  The head is bony, and the scales are small.

Also know as: New Zealand: Red Gurnard, Gurnard, Kumu, Kumukumu, Canada: Grondin rouget, Australia: Red Gurnard, The Netherlands: Poon, Grondin rouget, France: Grondin rouge, Germany: Knurrhahn Roter, Greece: Kaponi, Gallinella o cappone, Japan: Houbou, Korea: Jom yang tae, Spain: Garneo, Rubios, Arete, Galina

Size: whole – 20 – 30cm, with Fillets range from 100g + Meat Quality: Red Gurnard has firm fillets that hold their shape when cooked.  They have a low oil content.

Weight: 0.5 – 1.5kg

Form/ State: 

Whole, Fillet Skin-On, Fillet Skin-Off

Packed: Fresh: Polystyrene insulated bin, with Gel Ice packs to maintain coldness in transit

Season: Caught all year, but mostly February – June

Gurnard Whole Frozen

Gurnard Fillet

Whole Gurnard

Packed Gurnard

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