Pacific Oyster (Crassostrea gigas)

The Pacific Oyster belong to the Ostreidae family. They have an off-white shell with bands of yellow, brown or purple.

Pacific Oyster Meat Quality
Pacific Oyster flesh is light-coloured and has a black mantle margin.

Also known as:

New Zealand: Pacific Oyster, Oyster, Australia: Japanese Oyster, France : Huitre Pacifique, Germany : Pasifische Auster, Greece : Ostrea (Stridia), Japan : Ma-gaki, Spain : Ostra Pacifica, Italy : Ostrica, Maori Name: Tio Repe.

Shell size : 6 – 12cm (sometimes reaching 18cm)
Forms available : Whole, Half Shell, Meat
Packing : Fresh : Polystyrene insulated bin, with Gel Ice packs to maintain coldness in transit
Frozen : Plastic interleaved, packed & blast frozen
Grades : Bistro (4′s) : -60mm
Standard (3′s): 60-75mm
Premium (2′s): 75-90mm
Large (1′s) : 90-105mm
Season : April – November

Pacific Oyster Fishery
The wild form of the species is found largely around the north of
the North Island. It has spread by natural processes all around the
North Island and across Cook Strait to the northern part of the South Island.
This species is now farmed extensively by aquaculture, and is
harvested throughout the year except in the December to March breeding season
New Zealand’s Pacific Oyster fishery is not managed under quota, as it is not a quota species


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