Monkfish (Kathetotstoma giganteum)

Monkfish whole


Monkfish belongs to the Uraoscopidae family ( armourhead stargazers)
Monkfish have a speckled green/brown coulour above and white belly. They have a large flattish head with eyes looking
upwards, hence the alternate name “Stargazer”. The body is wide at the head and narrows towards the tail.
They do not have any scales.

Meat Quality:

Monkfish produce a pearly white fleshed fillet that is quite firm and suitable for most cooking methods.

Also Known as: Stargazer, Giant Stargazer, Bulldog, Pesce Monaco
Size 30 – 80cm
Weight 500g – 6kg/piece
Form / State Dressed, Fillet
Packed Fresh – Polystyrene insulated bin, with Gel Ice packs to maintain coldness in transit
Frozen – Fully plastic interleaved in 10kg nett carton
Season Caught all year, but mostly April – September

Monkfish Fishery
Monkfish is widespread throughout New Zealand waters but more common in the cooler waters at the southern
end of the South Island. They are generally caught in depths of between 50 & 500m. They bury themselves
in soft sediment and prey on pasing fish and crustaceans.

Monkfish Fillets

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