Packhorse Lobster (Jasus verreauxi)

Packhorse Crayfish

Description: Found in the north and east of the North Island, Packhorse rock lobster live around rocky reefs at depths of 5 to 275m. They are larger and have a slightly greener colour than rock lobster (crayfish) and are mainly caught in the far north waters of New Zealand. The packhorse can be distinguished by its much larger body size, smoother tail and its very broad carapace, only slightly shorter than the abdomen. Packhorse rock lobsters are found in the Northern areas of the North Island between Cape Reinga, and just south of the Mahia Peninsula on the East cape.

 Meat Quality: Due to the colder water temperature, the New Zealand lobsters have a higher oil content than tropical lobsters and are rated as one of the world’s finest

Also know as: koura, papatia, pawharu (Maori), packhorse crayfish, crayfish, green rock lobster, Eastern rock lobster (Australia / US).

Size: 40-60 cm (15-23in) total length. The packhorse males average size is between 40-60 cm (15-23in) total length females being slightly less.

Weight: 1.5kg – 5.0kg and weigh in at at least 15kg (33lbs)

Form/ State: 


Fillet Grades : 

Season: They generally move into deeper water in early winter, and return closer to the shoreline in late August.

Packhorse crayfish

Packhorse crayfish

Packhorse crayfish

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