John Dory (Zeus faber)

John Dory

John Dory are found in the warm waters around the North Island of New Zealand – most commonly north of the Bay of Plenty.
They are caught year-round, often in mixed species trawl catches of Snapper and Tarakihi, and by Danish seiners.
New Zealand’s John Dory fishery is sustainably managed by strict quotas, which allow only a set amount
of John Dory to be taken commercially each year.

 John Dory Meat Quality
John Dory is considered a premium quality fish, it has medium flakes and is white when cooked. It is suitable
for most cooking methods and has good Omega-3 levels.

Also Known as:

Maori Name Kuparu

Canada: Buckler Dory
The Netherlands: Zonnevis, Sint Petervis, Saint-Pierre
France: Zee
Germany: Heringskonig, Petersfisch
Greece: Christopsaro
Italy: Pesce san Pietro
Japan: Matodai
Korea: Heo neo gu
Spain: Pez de san Pedro
USA: European John Dory

Size : 30cm-50cm
Weight : 0.5-3kg/pce Market Names
Form / State: Whole , Skin On Fillet New Zealand: John Dory
Packed : Polystyrene insulated bin, Gel Ice packs to maintain coldness in transit Australia: John Dory, Saint-Pierre
Season : Year Round

John Dory HG + filets

John Dory Filets

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