Elephant Fish (Callorhinchus milii)


Silver-grey above, with darker blotches, silvery-white below, skin smooth
The plough or hoe-like extension of the nose distinguishes the elephant fish
from other chimaeras or ghost sharks.

Elephant Fish Meat Quality
A reasonably firm flesh that cooks up white. Perfect for Deep frying.
Very commonly used for “Fish and Chips” Fish in New Zealand and Australia.

Also known as: New Zealand: Elephant Fish, Silver Trumpeter, Whitefish. Australia: Elephant Fish, Silver Trumpeter, Whitefish

Maori Name Makorepe, Reperepe

Size : 60 – 90 cm

Weight : 3-4kg

Forms available : Gutted, Dressed, Fillets Market Names
Packing : Fresh : Polystyrene insulated bin, with Gel Ice packs to maintain coldness in transit
Frozen : Plastic interleaved, packed & blast frozen
Grades : Dressed – By count
Fillets – 0-200g, 200-500g, 500g +

Season : October to February

Elephant Fish Fishery
Occurs mainly around the South Island of New Zealand..
Caught in depths of 20-200m.
The method of catching used is normally by trawling or set Net.

H&G plus whole Elephant Fish

Elephant FIsh filets

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