Butterfish (Odax pullus)

Whole Butterfish


Butterfish belong to the Odacidae family.  Their body colour varies according to size and sex.
Young fish are golden-bronze with broken white, mid-body stripes.
Adults are brown to olive green, with breeding males dark blue-black.
The body is streamlined and plump with large anal and dorsal fins, a pointed head, and a small mouth.

Butterfish Meat Quality
Butterfish flesh has medium to thick flakes and is pearly white when cooked.
Butterfish are suited to most cooking methods and have good Omega-3 levels.

Also Known as : Greenbone, Marari Marari
Size : 30 – 50cm (reaching 70cm)
Weight : 1 to 1.5kg /pce ( up to 2.5kg) Market Names
State available : Gilled & Gutted, Dressed, Fillet New Zealand: Butterfish, Greenbone
Packing : Fresh : Polystyrene insulated bin, with Gel Ice packs to maintain coldness in transit Japan: Bera-rui
Frozen : Plastic interleaved, packed & blast frozen Korea: Butterfish, Greenbone
Spain: Butterfish, Greenbone
Season : Year round but most common in August / September

Butterfish Fishery

Butterfish are only found around the New Zealand coast, and are widespread.
They are rarely found at depths greater than 15 metres.
Butterfish are more abundant south of East Cape, especially around Cook Strait.
They are caught commercially year-round in set nets. New Zealand’s Butterfish
fishery is managed by strict quotas, which allow only a set amount of Butterfish
to be taken commercially each year.

Butterfish filets

Butterfish H&G

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