Wildfish Export Ltd

Wildfish Export Ltd is a New Zealand company based on the Wellington South Coast. We are focused
on the supply of premium quality live, chilled and frozen seafood. We harvest these from the clean
cool waters which form New Zealand’s Exclusive Economic Zone. Harvesting a wide variety of
seafood under New Zealand’s world renowned sustainable quota management system, we pride
ourselves on supplying only the best quality seafood that New Zealand has to offer. Complete
customer satisfaction is our aim and priority.

Dion Muollo
With over 25 years personal experience in the New Zealand fishing industry as well as invaluable
information & skills passed down through prior Muollo generations, we have gained a very good
knowledge of this industry which enables us to supply our valued clients with great seafood.
The Muollo family has been a part of New Zealand’s Fishing Industry since the early 1930’s when
Antonino Muollo (Dion’s Grandfather) began fishing in the wild waters of Cook Strait. The hard
work of Antonino and his three sons lead to the family being extensively involved in the harvesting,
Processing, retailing, and exporting of a wide variety of New Zealand fish species.


Our fish and seafood comes from a number of vessels using a variety of catching methods. The
vessels are located strategically around New Zealand. This ensures a wide variety of fish and seafood
is available for our clients. Operating under New Zealand’s world class Quota Management System
(QMS) ensures a sustainable supply for now and into the future. Our vessels harvest, handle and
store the catch using the most efficient techniques with an emphasis on maintaining quality and
freshness whilst at sea.

Processing Factories

Our fish and seafood is processed and packed in factories that operate detailed HACCP based Risk
Management Programmes that are registered and monitored by the New Zealand Food Safety
The skilled & qualified staff process, grade and pack only the best quality fish to satisfy our clients
requirements both locally in New Zealand and around the world.


Efficient logistics are key to supplying quality fresh seafood to our clients. Wildfish Export employs
the services of the most efficient freight forwarders. These companies ensure that our clients
receive their product in excellent condition and in a timely manner. Our freight forwarders
understand the importance of of maintaining the cold chain and the careful handling of our seafood.
This ensures the seafood arrives to our clients as if it had just come out of the ocean.

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